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How we help Operators acquring Players from multiple traffic channels world wide
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Player Value
How do we keep track of Life time value of customers through multiple traffic channels across countries
  • Advanced reporting pr. country
  • Advanced reporting pr. traffic source
  • Advanced reporting pr. bonus promotion
Questions & Answers
Getting started

Stepping into the world of Spudo is an exhilarating journey, and as an operator, you have two seamless avenues to choose from.

Online: Begin by creating your exclusive account right here on our website. Once you’ve planted that digital footprint, one of our dedicated Account Managers will promptly get in touch, guiding you through the next steps. It’s swift, intuitive, and tailored just for you.

Direct on Skype: Prefer a more personal touch? We’re available virtually around the clock on Skype. No matter when you feel the urge to connect, we’re here, just a click away. To find the perfect contact for your needs, visit our ‘About’ page, where you’ll discover a curated list of contacts to kickstart your journey.

Whichever route you choose, we’re excited to have you aboard and can’t wait to partner with you!


We are live in multiple GEO’s

SMS Traffic / Affiliates: AU, NZ, CA, DE, FI, NL, IN, UK, US, FR, BE, AT, PL, ZA, LATAM
SEO: DK (Danish License only), IN, UK
Facebook: DE, SE, ONT (locally licensed brands only).


At the heart of our operations lies a deep-seated value: precise and real-time tracking. Our commitment to transparency and accuracy ensures we’re always at the forefront of our industry.

For collaborations to flourish under our banner, there are a few prerequisites we steadfastly uphold:
1. Tracking should be able to be setup to only trigger when a user qualifies for CPA.
2. We need to setup both postback for CPA and Signup.
3. We need to make sure that the postback triggers upon deposit above the agreed Baseline. Meaning no requirements of wager.


Perhaps it’s a touch of the old school in us, but as of now, we exclusively utilize wire transfers to collect our earnings. While it might seem that we’re resistant to embracing other payment options, that’s certainly not the case. Our primary motivation is rooted in the compliance norms of Denmark. Here, regulatory guidelines are particularly rigorous, and our commitment to them is unwavering.

In Denmark it is not all countries that we are able to receive payment from. To give you bit more insight on who we can receive payment from please glance over the information on this link

SMS Marketing

In Denmark, it’s not in our nature to brag about our achievements. However, it’s essential to recognise and communicate expertise when it’s there. In the realm of SMS marketing, we genuinely believe we stand tall as industry front-runners.

Our pride lies in our specialized team of SMS marketing wizards. They aren’t just marketers, they’re wizards, delivering quality across multiple GEO’s. The quality of our campaigns isn’t just a promise; it’s a consistent deliverable, testament to the skills and dedication of our in-house team.

Speaking of in-house, this is where another of our strengths shines. Having this team internally ensures a rapid kickstart to any campaign. No waiting periods. From the very first day, we’re equipped and eager to channel traffic to your brand. There’s no week-long anticipation for traffic influx. Once everything is configured, the stream of potential customers begins to flow.

Beyond just initiating a campaign, our team engages in a rigorous process of testing and analysis. We position your brand’s performance in a direct split test with top-performing brands in real-time scenarios. And as is the nature of competitive markets, the best performers naturally wins the majority of traffic. This ensures that if your brand is resonating well, it will gain the momentum it deserves.

External Affiliates

A network of external affiliates that doesn’t just funnel traffic but ensures that it’s of quality and precisely targeted. When we say we channel traffic to your brands across various geographical regions, we mean traffic that resonates with your brand’s essence and objectives.
Through our network of external affiliates, your brand can find its voice and reach. And when it comes to traffic channels, we’re not just limited to one or two. Think about powerful mediums such as SMS, Email, and Pay-Per-Click campaigns – all of these lie within our domain of expertise.


Harness the Power of Facebook Traffic with Us

Our in-house Facebook traffic expertise is designed to bridge you seamlessly with your desired audience. Here’s what sets us apart:

Compliance & Integrity: We prioritize legal adherence. Hence, we exclusively collaborate with locally licensed brands, ensuring that our endeavors are rooted in compliance and integrity.

Strategic Brand Promotion: While direct brand advertisement might seem the norm, we take an innovative approach. We spotlight your brand through our in-house sites spanning various geographies. By listing your brand on these sites, we not only stay aligned with Facebook’s guidelines but also amplify your brand’s exposure.

Continuous Monitoring: Our dedication doesn’t stop at merely channeling traffic. We are screening player value, making certain that we connect you with the precise audience segment that resonates with your brand.

Quality Over Quantity: In the vast realm of digital marketing, traffic can often be a vanity metric. Our vision is not just to flood you with users but to introduce you to high-value individuals. Individuals who engage and who convert.

Google Ads

Our in-house Google Ads campaigns is crafted to link you seamlessly with your target demographics. Here’s why partnering with us is a game-changer:

Compliance & Credibility: We are believers in lawful operations. That’s why we exclusively partner with locally licensed brands.

Brand Outreach: Your brand gains visibility through our specialized in-house sites that cover a diverse geographical expanse. By featuring your brand on these sites, we not only abide by Google’s stringent guidelines but also magnify your brand’s visibility.

Unwavering Monitoring: Our commitment is deep-rooted and continuous. We’re ceaselessly monitoring user interactions and engagement metrics, ensuring that your brand connects with an audience that genuinely aligns with its values and offerings.

Value-Driven Approach: Traffic isn’t the end game; it’s about the right kind of traffic. Our mission transcends beyond numbers, focusing on quality users. Users who not just visit but engage, who don’t just browse but convert, and ultimately.

Unlocking True Player Value with Spudo

While you have your analytics and tracking finely-tuned on your end, at Spudo, we’ve taken things up a notch. We wantt to spot the distinction between high-quality and low-quality customers before you do it. Our inhouse developed tool is purpose-built to dive deep into player value, enabling us to detect the quality of customers.

Crafted with precision, our software doesn’t merely track players; it looks at the genuine worth of each user. We have finessed its capability to:
Player Value across Traffic Channels
Player Value across Countries
Player Value across all our sources both inhouse and external affiliates.
And best of all we are able to break it down on depostis and net revenue.
What does this mean for you? Crystal-clear transparency. An understanding of which sources are truly a good match with your brand.

Why do we emphasize this? In the vast landscape of advertising and customer acquisition, quality invariably takes precedence over sheer numbers. A substantial user count might seem impressive, but it’s the player value that controls your ROI.

With our software, we can pinpoint sources with low-value players. And we don’t just identify them — we promptly deactivate these channels, ensuring your resources aren’t used on traffic that is a bad match for your brand. On the flip side, sources that provide high-quality users. We amplify and scale them up, ensuring your brand reaps the benefit.

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