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Affiliates Top 5 Reasons for affiliates to work with SPUDO instead of going directly
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We are Affiliates ourselves
We run traffic to the same offers we gonna share with you as an Affiliate
  • Use our creatives
  • Copy our daily sendouts
  • Use our knowledge cross countries
  • Take advanges of our mistakes
  • Talk with a Campaign Manager daily
  • Get paid faster then directly
Comparision list for affiliates working in the iGaming Space
Parameters Directly Affiliate Networks Logo
Active brands Low High High
Custom gamified prelanders Low Low High
Offers with track record Low High High
Creatives with track record Low Low High
Conversion wise
Ongoing conversion rate optimization Low Low High
Conversion knowledge cross markets Low High High
Conversion knowledge cross brands Low High High
Ongoing Prelander development Low Low High
Custom Prelanders Low Low High
Custom bonus promotions Medium Low High
Prefilled prelanders Low Low High
Reachable Affiliate Manager Low Low High
Affiliate Manager with traffic knowledge Low Medium High
Number of invoices Multiple 1 1
Finance managers Multiple 1 1
Payment speed Net +15-45 Net +15 Down to Weekly