Lanadas riding out to find new players with SPUDO1 min read

Jonas - Social Media Manager
November 6, 2018

Howdy guys ! We are very excited to inform you that we connected Lanadas to our platform. Lanadas caught our attention here at Spudo, with it’s way of making us feel like we are part of a western, when entering the casino.

Our design team took this western feeling and combined it with amazing games and a presentation of the VIP club and made an amazing video landingpage.

SPUDO’S managing Director, René Sørensen said: Lanadas have from day one focussed on giving their players another enviroment than the more traditional Casino’s in the market. We believe this will have a positive influence on the longterm player value. Lanadas will also be our first casino without any minimum deposits”

Our publishers will be able to access these offers on CPA and CPL in Canada, Sweden, Norway, germany, Finland, Netherlands and New Zealand

In addition, SPUDO publishers can request custom made marketing creatives, such as custom made landing pages, email, SMS & banner creatives that fit to their traffic source. This will be provided for the publisher within 48 hours.

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