21.com are live and ready1 min read

Jonas - Social Media Manager
December 20, 2018
Hi Guys.

We are here again with new and exciting news for you. We just connected 21.com to our platform – and they bring some amazing deals for you to work with. The players you direct to the landingpage will get the feeling of how easy and userfriendly a Casino can be. We think simplicity is the key here!

Spudo’s Managing director René Sørensen said: 21.com is keeping the design tight – so that the customers get the best experience when signing up. We believe that the amount of bonuses will have a positive effect on the long-term players. I mean 21 spins for 21 days is a pretty awesome way to welcome your players. Our publishers will be able to access these offers on CPA and CPL in Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

In addition, SPUDO publishers can request custom made marketing creatives, such as custom made landing pages, email, SMS & banner creatives that fit their traffic source. This will be provided for the publisher within 48 hours.

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