Why linkbuilding is NOT a waste of time and money3 min read

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February 6, 2020

Ok, so let’s talk about linkbuilding. If you’ve been working with online marketing to some extend anytime during the last 20-odd years – which I guess is a fair assumption – you’ve most likely heard about linkbuilding a bunch of times already.

Why do you think that is?

It’s because linkbuilding works. And yes, I know what you’re thinking. Google has more than 200 ranking factors, so why should you focus so much on just linkbuilding when you want to rank your casino sites?

Forget about the 200 ranking factors. Just 3 of those factors does the main part of the job. Caught your attention now, right?

Those 3 factors are:

  • Content
  • Optimization
  • And… surprise surprise… linkbuilding

Create amazing casino content targeted casino players. Optimize your casino site. And get out there and get those backlinks. That is the formula for ranking a casino site – or any other site for that matter – in 2020.

But… how do you actually DO it? How do you get those backlinks pointing back at your site?

Getting backlinks the hard and “cheap” way

In general, there are two ways to get backlinks. You either create some interesting casino content that other websites want to link to, or you pay for it. Quite simple, really.

Let’s start with the “quality” strategy. Actually, it’s not just one strategy, but a bunch of different strategies that all works more or less the same way – you deliver quality, and other websites reward you with a backlink.

Here’s an example. If you create a page on your website about roulette, and this page is the most fantastic and inspirational page the world wide web ever has seen, filled with groundbreaking information about roulette, other sites will eventually reward you with a link to your roulette page. You might have to convince them, but the important point here is that you create high quality casino content that earns you free backlinks.

Well, free and free… you have to spend time on creating the actual content, and you also have to reach out in order to draw attention to your content. And it might just be that your content explaining the roulette wheel isn’t that groundbreaking after all, and then it’s going to be really hard to get the backlinks you need.

This kind of linkbuilding is the hard way. If only there where some kind of alternative…

Getting backlinks the easy and “expensive” way

Great news – there IS an alternative. Instead of paying with high quality casino content, you can just pay with euros and dollars instead! The obvious advantage here is that you’ll get your backlinks even if your casino content isn’t exactly state of the art. I mean… your quality might actually be really, really good – even state of the art – but let’s face it. Who would create a link on their page pointing at your casino affiliate site without getting something in return?

Alas, this way of linkbuilding is not free. You might save a lot of time, but buying quality links is not cheap – especially not when it comes to backlinks for a casino site. And please do yourself a favor and stay far away from all the cheap and SH***Y backlinks out there. At BEST, they won’t harm your rankings. That means that if you decide to go with paid backlinks, you’re looking into a decent monthly expense. But if you don’t, you’re stuck with the dead bodies on page 2 in the SERP…

Thomas is the owner of CyberSoup – a Danish SEO company specializing in written content and linkbuilding for casino sites. Always up for a chat about SEO-content, linkbuilding or iGaming in general, ping him here if you have any questions or comments – or just want to know his favorite SEO tool.

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