Why King Billy might be a great choice for your traffic!2 min read

Jonas - Social Media Manager
January 8, 2020

King Billy is live! 

After Negotiating a great offer for you with a payout on €160. We decided to pick the mind of King Billy’s Affiliate Manager, to get an idea of what, where and why you should run your traffic at this brand among all the others.

– What makes King Billy stand out?

It’s not a secret that every year more and more casinos show up and each wants to be the best one. Regarding all brands, I’d rather say that the majority have the same gaming providers, localization, and payment solutions. An answer to the question “What makes King Billy stand out?” is simple. First, it’s the approach and story which we are carrying. Second, everyone is a King at King Billy casino and deserves the royal treatment. We are trying to provide the best quality to our partners and players which is giving us a reliable reputation and helps stand out among others.

– What are your main markets, and why?

Our main markets are New Zealand, Canada, Germany, and Nordics. The player value is really high in these markets. We did marketing research and know perfectly what players really want to feel playing at a specific casino. Providing unique creative marketing tools and being in all arms with the right retention strategy, we are ready to perform good results.

Who is King Billy’s average player / Persona type?

54,5% – males aged 25-34.
36,5% – females aged 18–45.

What kind of traffic are you most interested in and why?

We are mostly interested in PPC, SEO, and Email traffic as it does the best for us.

Why should publishers choose Spudo as their go-to affiliate platform?

Looking at the big picture publishers will have 1 point of contact for all brands instead of one contact pr brand. This is a huge advantage if I am seeing myself as a Publisher. For King Billy alone they should run their traffic with you guys. Because you have the advantage of getting great payouts and offer them to different publishers, that being whether they are big or small. So by running traffic from the Spudo Platform, you will get some cool benefits.

Where is King Billy heading?

In a month, we are going to obtain an MGA license to meet European casino standards and to be more credible for our partners and players. We recently launched a new affiliate platform, as we believe that in order to be the best at the market you need to build your own platform which will be as recognisable and competitive as MyAffiliates or NetRefer. In a nutshell, we have big plans and heading to new wins!

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