SPUDO signs partnership deal with DUNDER1 min read

Jonas - Social Media Manager
September 8, 2018

DUNDER is a well-known brand amongst the new upcoming Casinos in the industry. Their well-managed affiliate department have been helping us with finding the best payout deals for our publisher network and create a good starting point for our new network.

The inhouse design team decided to create a smashing video landing page on the DUNDER brand, which will give the user a feeling of what journey they are about to take when entering the Casino. Giving the user brief information about the brand and what promotion they can offer, together with kickass video landing pages on all local languages, we tested the overall performance and found that it had improved significantly.

SPUDO Managing Director, René Sørensen said: “We have a very close relationship with our Publishers, so adding these custom made campaigns with DUNDER as one of our first brands, is an important move to ensure that we can give our publishers what they requested”

Our publisher will be able to access these offers on CPA+CPL and Revenueshare in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

In addition, SPUDO publishers can request custom made marketing creatives, such as custom made landing pages, email, SMS & banner creatives that fit to their traffic source. This will be provided for the publisher within 48 hours. 

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