Spudo launch free casino split-test module which can optimize publishers revenue3 min read

Jonas - Social Media Manager
December 17, 2019
The simplest thing a publisher can do is to split-test the same brand with two different landing pages. Maybe you find it strange, but you will often find better results depending on what landing page you are running. While you can get away with optimizing different traffic channels in your PPC platform, you can now also test different landing pages with Spudo’s new Split-test module. All with the goal of boosting conversions.

A/B testing different landing pages is crucial to make sure you squeeze every drop of profit out of your traffic. That’s why we build Spudo split-test module and now we are going to show you how to get started. All 100% free to use for Spudo publishers.

Table of Content
What is a Casino A/B split-test?
Why should you do Casino A/B split-test?
How do you set up a Casino A/B split-test?
How can I track my Casino A/B split-test?

What is a Casino A/B split-test?
As the name implies, two versions (A and B) of a single variable are compared, which are identical except for one variation that might affect a user’s behaviour. Version A might be a link directly into the Casino index page, while version B is modified and build as a landing page. See below example:

In Spudo we have several landing pages pr. brand which you can set up in a multiple split-test with up to 10 versions.

Why should you do Casino A/B split-test?
After generating traffic to both versions, you might find that one of the versions produces more conversions than the original. Spudo allow you to track this performance directly in our platform. VersionB might generate 20% more conversions than the original. Success!

Before concluding anything in your split-test, you have to consider the statistical significance. The more traffic you run to these 2 versions, the more confident you will be about the final result. In most fields, including conversion optimization, the commonly accepted level of significance is 95%. But your comfort level might be different, so you need to make the call when the traffic is pumping in and the results start to show.

How do you set up a Casino A/B split-test?
Under your publisher profile, you can find Split-test in the left menu

Step 1: Add a name for your split-test in the Split-test Name field
Step 2: Add a variation Name, this will show up in sub-id5 in the Statistics
Step 3: Add the percentage of clicks, 50% will send 50% of the clicks to the chosen offer
Step 4: Select Offers you want to split-test
Step 5: Click Create Split-test

The module when then generate a split-test URL you need to use going forward. When using that URL the traffic will be redirected accordingly to the settings above.

How can I track my Casino A/B split-test?
When you start to run traffic to the split-test URL the statistics will start to show up under https://publisher.spudo.com/#/statistics

Here you will be able to see the performance on your traffic split on the two different landing pages you set up in the Split-test. Now you just need to decide what landing page to focus on going forward. In this example below, you can see that version A produce a higher profit on your traffic. Get going today, signup at Spudo here

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