Red Dog & Slots Empire, what can it do for your traffic?1 min read

Jonas - Social Media Manager
January 31, 2020

Top One Partners, also known as TOP, has a group of popular brands: Red Dog, Aussie Play, Slots Empire. It’s a high-quality team of professionals who build amazing casinos providing the best environment for your traffic!

Tell us about the main Goal of TOP

Top One Partners was first conceived as a way of attracting more players and of thereby helping to bring the brands some real success and prosperity. In 99% of cases, TOP uses SEO traffic, which is meant to help them achieve substantive results.

What Makes TOP Brands Stand Out from Others?

Each individual brand on Top One Partners Affiliate Program is an entirely unusual and never-seen-before gaming platform, which has its own unique website design and style.

  • Red Dog has a cute, friendly, and playful mascot that protects each player and always has a hidden bonus.
  • Slots Empire hosts only the boldest and most courageous warriors. Even though it’s different in some way from the two previous brands, there’s still the same hi-octane playing fun!

Who is the average player of TOP brands?

The average players of TOP brands are both men (55%) and women (45%) from the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Norway. That’s why TOP RealTime Gaming (RTG) brands target these markets the most.
The average player age is 21-40 years old. However, the percentage of 60-70 years old players isn’t exactly trailing behind, as they’re the ones who deposit the most.

Why should publishers choose Spudo as Their go-to affiliate platform?

Success — is Spudo’s Top Priority we believe they work with High Integrity, effectiveness, and transparency. If publishers like that aswell we believe they have the answer right there!

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