SpudoNetwork connect marketing agencies with Casino & Sports betting brands world wide

Traffic channels

We cover most online traffic channels through our media agencies our own internal traffic channels

iGaming brands

In our platform you will find multiple brands

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… Adding new countries each month

Most asked questions

When will I get paid?

Latest the 15th in every month you will get paid for your commission made in the month before. Commission made in June, will be paid out latest 15th July.

Our payments are fully automated. You do not have to send us an invoice each month, we auto generate a payment note you can download and see under your account which you can use for your accounting.

How often are your starts being updated?

Signup and FTD stats are updated live and instantly in our platform. You can access these 24/7 with full transparency.

Are you running hybrids or revshare in our platform there will be a 24 hours delay.

Can I run hybrid and revshare in your platform?

The answer is a big YES! Our platform support both commission models and new brands are being added every month.

Can you build custom campaigns only for me?

This is what SPUDO is build for. We can create custom made marketing creatives to you, for every traffic channels you master.

We are big believers in creating unique content. We do not believe in one-landingspage-fits-all

Do you have exclusive offers?What kind of traffic do you accept?

Accepted traffic sources: Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Google Adwords, SMS, Email, Native, SEO & Twitch.

Not accepted traffic sources: Adult, Incentive, Cashback.

If you run other traffic sources, please contact your affiliate manager. We welcome most traffic sources.

Can I request a Casino brand?

A big YES! Most of our Casino brands are based on requests from our publisher network.

We do our magic with creating with custom funnels/prelanders, landingspages, email and SMS creatives.

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