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SpudoMedia aim to provide the highest quality of content to our readers and help them make the right decision before entering an online Casino

How to get listed on our sites

We can be strict when it comes to add brands to our sites – so please be aware of below

Listing Fees

We are putting alot resources and research into making a honest review of your Casino and use hours to add tracking and content to our sites. Because of the resources used, we charge a listing fee for every brand we list on our sites.


We are researching your Casino from top to bottom. If we find any bad reviews, lack of licenses or other information we find troubling, we will be in a situation where we will have to decline or remove your Casino. We do this to make sure our readers can trust our content on our sites.


We are looking for brands who goes the extra mile for their players. Do you have gamification, tournaments or free spins prize – this is highly interesting for our audience on our sites. Standard white label casinos with no focus on such features might be declined.

How to get listed? Contact us today to see if we could be a good match

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Most asked questions from our Advertisers

What kind of traffic types can I expect?

Please check on top of this page where you can see the biggest traffic sources our publisher master.
At the moment Snapchat, Google Adwords, Facebook, SMS, email, SEO, Instagram, Native & Twitch
If you have traffic types you don’t allow/ accept please let us know.

What countries can we run with you guys?

Our publisher network have traffic around the world. Please check the world-map above, where you can see our biggest markets.
We are very open-minded to test new countries – please ask your Manager.

What kind of payouts should I expect?

All the Casinos we are currently working with are offering multiple payouts such as CPL / CPA / HYBRIDS / REVSHARE
This give our publisher network full range of different options so they can decide what they want to run.
We will have to demand multiple deals to accept you in the network. We are not interested in Casinos who can only run revshare.

What kind of tracking / pixel software are you using?

We build our own platform which can track live signups and depositors through postback pixel (server2server).
Are you not able to add live postback tracking then we can’t add you to our platform.

When do I need to pay for my traffic?

We are getting paid minimum once pr. month. Traffic delivered in June, will be paid start July.
We will need the same deal to add you too our platform
Few advertisers even offer us weekly payment with high volume.

Do we have our own / inhouse marketing channels?

We only push traffic through our publisher network. We do not run any intern traffic.

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