How to Write Casino Meta Descriptions that will Boost Your Traffic4 min read

Guest Blogger
December 18, 2019
We are pleased to introduce our first ever guest blogger Thomas Pallesen. Thomas is the owner of CyberSoup – a Danish SEO company specializing in written content and linkbuilding for casino sites. He will touch base on how to write good Casino SEO content on your website.

Seriously… how hard can it be writing meta descriptions? Does anyone beside Google even read them? Why not just stuff all the important keywords in there and get on with what really matters?

Well, hold your horses cowboy, and welcome to the new decade. And I’m not talking about the twenties here.

For starters, Google announced back in 2009 that meta descriptions were no longer a ranking factor, so you can forget about the keyword stuffing (that does not only go with meta descriptions, but in general).

And yes, as a matter of fact people do read the meta descriptions before they decide which homepage, they want to visit from the SERP. And that is EXACTLY why you should do as good a job as possible when writing your meta descriptions. If you get them right, you will get the traffic – and after all, traffic is what it’s all about, right?

So how do you write compelling meta descriptions that beats the competition and draw the traffic to your site?

That’s what we’re going to look at now.

The right meta description length
156 characters. That is the maximum number of characters your meta description can be in order not to get cut off.
”Cut off… what does he mean by that?”.

Take a look at the SERP. You’ll often see meta descriptions being cut off with 3 dots looking like ”…”. We DO NOT want that to happen. A cut off meta description is the same as a cut off message to potential visitors at your page. Basically, it’s like saying ”You should come visit my site becau…”.

Because of that, you should never exceed 156 characters when writing a meta description. On the contrary, you should not go with short descriptions either. Instead, you must look at the meta description as your 156 characters to shine with. Make use of them!

So how do I make my meta descriptions shine?
In order to make your meta descriptions shine, you need to make them:
• Compelling
• Accurate

That’s it.

Making your meta description compelling can be the tricky one. Here, you must think about what makes the user visit a specific page. Let’s say you’re promoting a game on a page, and you want to write a compelling meta description for that page. The game could be anything from a football match to a slot machine. How would you do it?

You would probably mention the game, right? And probably also some of the features about the game. And maybe something about what the user can get from visiting your page – like a bonus offer, betting tips etc. And then…

Hold on. You see? You’re already doing it! You’re on your way to writing a compelling description that hopefully will get a lot of clicks. Keep thinking in these terms, and you have already come a long way.

Oh yeah, and then we have accuracy. Be accurate. Let the user know what he or she can expect from visiting the site. Do not promise a bonus if there aren’t any. Do not say it’s the betting tip of the century if you do not have a clue about betting. If your meta description makes a promise that your page can’t keep, the visitor will just leave your page again, and that’s going to affect your bounce rate negatively. So, remember it – be accurate.

Show me the metas!
That’s actually it. It’s not rocket science writing meta descriptions, but usually it takes a little practice before you get good at it. And until you reach that point, you’re always welcome to show me your meta descriptions. I would love to chip in on how to improve your metas so you can get more traffic to your site. Because after all, traffic is what it’s all about, right?

Are you up for chat about SEO-content, linkbuilding or iGaming in general, ping Thomas here if you have any questions or comments – or just want to know his favorite SEO tool.

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