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Jonas - Social Media Manager
February 16, 2020

What makes your Gowild standout?


It’s hard to pinpoint one thing that makes GOWILD stand out because we pride ourselves in doing a lot of cool things (our players’ words, not ours). But if we had to choose one thing, it would have to be our innovative spirit and the fact that we’re always looking for the next big thing in online gaming.

We always want to offer our players nothing but the best, starting from the slots we provide, all the way to the latest payment methods we have available on our casinos. We’re constantly working hard to add new value to the overall GOWILD online gaming experience, and this shows.

What are your main markets, and why?

We serve a worldwide audience, with localized products spread mostly across Central and Northern European markets, but also to North America via Canada and going further till Asia via New Zealand and Japan.  Players from these markets are not only of high value but also mature so, in order to meet their expectations, we have to always push ourselves to deliver. So, indirectly, focusing on these markets ensures that we have a great product which we constantly improve aside from the increased profitability potential

Who is Gowild average player / Persona type?

The average GOWILD player is a young to a middle-aged well-educated person with a wild drive for having fun and enjoying life.

What kind of traffic are you most interested in and why?

Right now, search traffic is the main type we’re looking for as we saw that the value we manage to extract from this kind of source is quite high and the conversion is pretty good. E-mail and SMS work as well but this varies based on the market.

Why should publishers choose Spudo as Their go-to affiliate platform?

If you’re looking for great offers, top-notch casino products but not limited to, Spudo is the right place to join. I have to also mention the professional and supportive team who’s behind this platform, always there when needed.

Where is Gowild heading?

GOWILD has proven itself to be one of those companies that can grow organically, and this is why expanding to new markets is always something we have on our agenda. Conquering new markets and launching new casinos is something we look forward to in 2020, and we already have a few huge surprises lined up for the upcoming weeks and months.

Just stay tuned and get ready for something impressive. Trust us, it’s going to be big!

Bonus Info

Gowild is powered by evolution gaming, and present a strong range of slots from developers like Play’N Go and of course the most famous blackjack versions like multi-hand blackjack gold, Play’N Go, one of the best table-game productions.


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