Casumo now connected to the SPUDO platform1 min read

Jonas - Social Media Manager
September 14, 2018

Casumo have been a well-established player in the Nordic markets for years and we are very excited to be able to connect them to our platform. Their players get offered hundreds of prizes and cash bonuses every day through their Reel Races, and can show some of the biggest Jackpot stories we have come across. All helping to attract new players to the Casino.

Our designers in SPUDO decided to bring these stories to life with a sick promotion video, but also produced an insane slider showing some of the biggest Jackpot stories. We decided to top that off with a wide selection of popular Casino games, coupled with some real player reviews of the Casino.  Connecting one sick landing page covering all call-to-action bullets a Casino landing page should contain. All custom made for our network of publishers to access!

SPUDO’s Managing Director, René Sørensen said: “Casumo is not only bringing a wide selection of games to the table, they also go the extra mile with daily Races, big Jackpot stories and impressive player reviews. We are very excited to see how our publisher network reacts to this Casino brand which is well-covered in all aspects”

Our publisher will be able to run these offers on CPA+CPL+Hybrids+Revenue share in Sweden, Finland, Norway & Germany.

In addition, SPUDO publishers can request custom made marketing creatives, such as custom made landing pages, email, SMS & banner creatives that fit their traffic source. This will be provided for the publisher within 48 hours.

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