Spudo launch free banner rotator tool that helps SEO Publishers optimizing their revenue3 min read

Jonas - Social Media Manager
December 19, 2019
We have been working on creating a simple tool that can rotate multiple banners on our own website, and track what banners perform the best. Split-testing 2 different casino brands on 1 banner position have never been easier.

Why is this important? Most webmasters want to optimize their revenue so they can get higher sales commissions and re-invest or take out more salary each month. So why run with banners that are not aiming to solve that challenge?

Table of content:
What is a banner rotator?
Why should you use a banner rotator tool?
How do you set up a banner rotator?
How can I track my results on the banner rotator?

What is a banner rotator?
We are running Casinoerdanmark.dk where we have the option to add or remove a banner on our sidebar. This banner is presented for all visitors who are reading our news section.

The imprtance of banner rotation

We decided that we wanted to test 2 different casino brands, Casumo and LeoVegas. But we didn’t know which one will be performing the best, because of the design of the banner or the promotion they offer to our readers.

Our tech guys put together a small script which made the selected banners rotate and in the same time was easy to install on a WordPress theme. If you want to get access to this tool, just contact us!

Why should you use a banner rotator?
This article is based for the webmaster who wants to optimize their casino banner ads. Do you believe that you will get more revenue by running with a special type of banner?

Let me give you an example:
Pageviews: 100,000 pr. year
Conversion Rate:  20%
Commission pr. Player: €100

The difference between running with a banner which receives 1% of the clicks instead of 0,5% is + €10,000 extra pr. year in commission. That’s how big a 0,5% difference can be.

The banner rotator can be installed within 2 min if you already have designed the banners or received them from the casino brand. Worth your time?

How do you set up a banner rotator?
Let’s look into how you can set up the banner rotator. To be able to get access to the free tool you need to be signed up in Spudo. You can do it here: https://publisher.spudo.com/#/register/

You need to go to the menu and click: Banner Rotation


From here you can set up the banner rotator by going through the different steps:

Name: Add the name for this banner rotator
Size: Select what size of banner you gonna use
Variation Name: Add the name of each variation (will show in statistics)
Percentage: Determines the banner views
Select Offer: Select the offer you want to run
Add Banner: Upload the images

Click Create Rotator

You can now be able to see the iframe code you should use:

<iframe allowtransparency=”true” src=”https://api.spudo.com/bannerrotation/5dfb4a2dd4a4e97581a8e9a1″ width=”300″ height=”250″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>


Copy this iframe code and go to your WordPress website, under Appearances you can find Widgets, here you can add the Custom HTML widget which allows you to add the iframe code from our Spudo platform.

Click Save. The banner rotator is now implemented correctly.

How can I track my results on the banner rotator?
Alright, you now set up the banner rotator. The banner rotator is already connected to your publisher account in Spudo and directly linked to the Statistics.


Go to Statistics in the Spudo platform, where you can see the views, clicks, signups, sales, conversion rate and your commission. Easy right?
Contact us today if you want to get going with this free banner rotator tool!

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