24bettle, your traffic – might just be the best match!1 min read

Jonas - Social Media Manager
January 21, 2020

What makes 24bettle.com stand out?

What makes a skyscraper stand out in a cityscape or bungalows? What makes a black sheep stand out among a ton of white ones? 24Bettle.com has a supreme sportsbook and colossal casino. The more you play, in the gamified zone, the more you will be rewarded with anything from free spins to deposit or no deposit bonuses to loads more! It’s all hosted by Carlos the Bull, who gives you so many fresh and generous offers that if you printed them all on postage stamps, you could cover the sun with them!

What are your main markets, and why?

Europe, Russia, North America, India. Why? Because great entertainment has no borders. The real question is why aren’t we in even more places… Oh, we’re getting there!

Who is 24bettle.com‘s average player/persona type?

The majority are players between the ages of 25 and 34, closely followed by those aged from 35 to 44. Players right up to the age of 54 and above are also significant enough to mention. Two-thirds are male, but the number of female players is steadily growing. The one commonality is that they all have superbly good taste in entertainment!

What kind of traffic are you most interested in and why?

Traffic from emerging markets and building on traffic from our well-established market territories, like Europe.

Why should publishers choose Spudo as Their go-to affiliate platform?

Look, some of Spudo’s competition, out there, is as useful as a handbrake on a speedboat or a chocolate fireguard. Spudo rocks! End of story. 

Where is 24bettle.com heading?

24Bettle.com is heading to the stars! Exactly what that means, will become very apparent in the near future. So, turn on, tune in and rock it out!


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